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(EOSH, UK) Level 3 Diploma in Process Safety Management (PSM)

The EOSH UK Level 3 Diploma in Process Safety Management (PSM) is a comprehensive program designed to provide participants with specialized knowledge and skills in managing process safety within industrial environments. This diploma focuses on the prevention of incidents involving hazardous materials, ensuring the safety of personnel, facilities, and the surrounding community. Participants will learn about the principles and practices of process safety, including hazard identification, risk assessment, and mitigation strategies. The course emphasizes the importance of implementing robust process safety management systems to prevent catastrophic incidents and promote a culture of safety excellence.
This qualification is evaluated using assignments and assessments. To receive this qualification, the learner must pass tests with a certain percentage.
The EOSH UK Level 3 Diploma in Process Safety Management (PSM) course covers the following individual modules:
  • Process safety management system principles
  • The implementation of process safety management systems
  • Risk assessment and hazard identification in process industries
  • Monitoring Process Safety Performance and Ongoing Enhancement
  • Planning an Emergency Reaction for Process Safety Incidents

The qualification has a recommended course duration of 6-12 months.

Note: However the course duration may be increased to meet additional learning needs if required but not reduced.