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EOSH UK is an innovative and rapidly growing Awarding Body and certification organization that strives to provide individuals with a competitive edge through top-notch qualification development, delivery, and awards in the health and safety field. With our EOSH Certification Schemes accredited by multiple international well recognized awarding bodies, we adhere to the ISO/IEC/17024:2012 standard and place a strong emphasis on professionalism and learner ethics. Our qualifications are designed to meet specific criteria, providing maximum benefits to learners and centers alike.

June is National Safety Month, a dedicated time to prioritize safety in all areas of our lives. This month, we focus on preventing injuries and fatalities by promoting safety awareness and best practices at work, on the road, and at home. Join us in learning essential safety tips, staying informed about potential hazards, and taking proactive steps to protect ourselves and our communities. Follow us for daily tips and resources to help you stay safe and ensure a safer environment for everyone. Remember, safety starts with you!



Environmental sustainability examines how humans and their environment interact. It is a broad and dynamic field.

Every year, workplace fires cause fatalities or serious injury to personnel. Fire could result in significant losses for businesses.

A first aid training will provide you the skills and information needed to help both adults and children in a range of emergency situations.

The course’s objectives are to raise knowledge of responsibilities and give a thorough overview of health and safety laws.

A safe operator training course teaches operators how to operate machinery and equipment safely.

The Certified Master Trainer course focuses on advanced teaching techniques, instructional design, and assessment.

Environmental courses cover a wide range of topics, including ecology, climate change, energy,  and sustainable development.

Lifting courses cover strength training, technique, program design, injury prevention, and nutrition.

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The European Network Education and Training in Occupational Safety and Health (ENETOSH) provides a platform for the systematic exchange of knowledge and experience on education and training related to safety, health, and wellbeing.