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Level - Award in Petro-chemical Safety Security Officer

The Level Award in Petro-chemical Safety Security Officer is designed to equip individuals with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure safety and security within the petrochemical industry. This course focuses on the specific hazards, risks, and security challenges associated with petrochemical facilities and provide training on effective safety and security management.
This qualification is evaluated using assessments and Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ). To receive this qualification, the learner must pass both tests with a certain percentage.
The qualification has recommended course duration of  7-10 days.
Note: However the course duration may be increased to meet additional learning needs if required but not reduced.
The course modules for the Award in Petro-chemical Safety Security Officer may include:
  • Introduction to Petrochemical Safety and Security
  • Petrochemical Industry Hazards and Risks
  • Safety Management Systems in Petrochemical Facilities
  • Emergency Response and Crisis Management
  • Security Measures and Threat Assessment
  • Fire Safety and Prevention
  • Hazardous Materials Handling and Storage
  • Occupational Health and Safety in Petrochemical Environments
  • Regulatory Compliance and Legal Requirements
  • Incident Investigation and Reporting