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EOSH UK Award in Evaluation and Assessment

The Award in Evaluation and Assessment is a specialized course designed to provide participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively evaluate and assess learning outcomes. The course focuses on various evaluation and assessment methods, including formative and summative assessments, performance assessments, and rubric development. Participants will learn how to design and implement evaluation strategies, analyze assessment data, and provide constructive feedback to learners. The course aims to enhance participants’ ability to make informed decisions about learners’ progress and ensure the effectiveness of instructional programs.
This qualification is evaluated using assessments and Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ). To receive this qualification, the learner must pass both tests with a certain percentage.
The qualification has recommended course duration of 4-5 days.
Note: However the course duration may be increased to meet additional learning needs if required but not reduced.
  • Introduction to Evaluation and Assessment
  • Types of Evaluation and Assessment Methods
  • Developing Learning Outcomes and Assessment Criteria
  • Designing Effective Assessment Instruments
  • Formative Assessment Strategies and Feedback
  • Summative Assessment Strategies and Grading
  • Performance Assessment and Authentic Assessment
  • Rubric Development and Use
  • Data Analysis and Interpretation in Evaluation
  • Evaluation of Instructional Programs and Curriculum
  • Assessing Learning in Online and Blended Environments
  • Ethics and Fairness in Evaluation and Assessment