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EOSH UK Award in Certified Safety Trainer

The EOSH UK Award in Certified Safety Trainer is a comprehensive program designed for individuals aspiring to become proficient safety trainer. This course focuses on developing the skills necessary to design, deliver, and evaluate effective safety training programs. Participants will gain a deep understanding of health and safety principles, instructional techniques, and regulatory requirements, preparing them to impart crucial knowledge and skills to diverse audiences. Upon successful completion, participants will be awarded the EOSH UK Award in Certified Safety Trainer, validating their expertise and commitment to maintaining a safe and compliant working environment.
This qualification is evaluated using assignments and assessments. To receive this qualification, the learner must pass tests with a certain percentage.
The specific modules covered in the EOSH UK Award in Certified Safety Trainer course typically includes:
  • Introduction to Safety Training
  • Adult Learning Principles
  • Training Needs Analysis
  • Developing Learning Objectives
  • Instructional Design for Safety Training
  • Selection of Training Methods and Media
  • Use of Audio-Visual Aids in Training
  • Effective Communication Skills
  • Managing Training Sessions
  • Assessment and Evaluation of Training
  • Feedback and Improvement Strategies
  • Legal and Ethical Considerations in Safety Training
  • Technology in Safety Training
  • Interactive and Practical Training Techniques
  • Emergency Response Training Techniques

The qualification has recommended course duration of 18 months.

Note: However, the course duration may be increased to meet additional learning needs if required, but not reduced.